Strategic Analysis & Planning


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Strategic Analysis & Planning


Strategic analysis and planning are focal to enable organisations to cope with pressures and changes in their eco-systems, especially for realities where there are multiple components or business units creating multipolar contexts.

The cost (real loss or opportunity cost) of divergences between visions and modes of operation affects governance by generating strategic friability, reducing benefits and room for manoeuvre. The objective of strategic planning is to achieve sustainable benefits over time.

At KlinK we increasingly focused on putting the “cognition of future” at the heart of decision-making, providing methodological and research contributions on the relationship between decisions and future consequences to long-term planning and management projects: we called it Prospective action design.

Our contribution is the instrumentation to make it happen, through the analysis of information, influence and power relationships between the parts of a system, exploratory modeling/simulation of behaviors and scenario planning, also with the help of artificial intelligence.

The advantages are those of:

  • simulating the effects of choices without taking risks,
  • having a ‘mirror’ and an ‘external’ expert judgement of one’s own business intuitions based on suggestions supported by data and analysis,
  • defining alternative plans and/or strategies, compare them and be able to orientate themselves,
  • ensuring that the strategy (vision) is translated into actions that are clearly transferred within the organisation (action plan),
  • having a multi-perspective strategy that helps to be quick and resilient in times of change.