Paolo Santinello

Paolo Santinello

Prospective advisor & Market developer

Paolo begun his worklife in 1976, working in industrial research with large companies until 2005 when he took up the ambitious challenge of the “Prospective” and co-founded Klink.
The “Prospective” means linking willingness and creativity to the exploration of future scenarios. It has to do with where you want to go, from where you are and who you are. The Prospective is about allowing the future to disturb the present, so you can build your own future.

With Klink over the past almost two decades, Paolo shared the most challenging choices of our clients, their strategies and projects, alongside those who make things happen! We have often the chance to live and practice open innovation as a satisfactory, engaging and transforming business relation model: in this process we are at the same time learners, practitioners and leaders.

The task he does better is to help his interlocutor to perceive more clearly where she wants to go to, and then help her to go right there, safe. This includes testing the robustness of strategies and giving a degree of objectivity to decisions, which is a major advantage.
Behind this approach there is a long way of practice, research, fine-tuning, critical thinking.

Everyday he is supporting managers who decide in conditions of uncertainty, or with insufficient information, and he has become a reliable “Prospective Advisor” for them, supported by the qualified team at Klink.